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Best LED Solar Street Light-Savemorelight

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Best LED Solar Street Light

Best LED Street Lights Zhongshan Luxlite Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the best LED street light manufacturer and supplier in the world.

LUXLITE has a complete LED street light products catalog and provides a complete street light solutions, including

street lights selection
road DIALUX simulation (simulation parameters include: Threshold Increment, Surrounding Ratio, Uniformity longitudinal (Ulong), Uniformity Uo, Average luminance (Lave), street lamp pole spacing
LED street lamps installation guide
street lamps daily maintenance guide
In order to meet different street lights market needs, LUXLITE provides a variety of stable and reliable material choices. Therefore, our street lights offer 3 types warranty options: 2 years warranty.


The Best LED Street Lights Features:

  1. Best street lights equipped with high-end materials and mature production technology.
  2. The road light light source is LED chips that have passed the LM80 test.
  3. The mean time between failures of the LED drivers meets military and civilian standards (≥899.8K hrs Telcordia SR-332(Bellcore), ≥313.66K hrs MIL-HDBK-217F(25℃) ).
  4. And a good heat dissipation system ensures that the Tc temperature does not exceed 85°C.
  5. The high-quality materials and the best production technology ensure that the LED street lights can have a long service life.

    Product Description
    Savemorelight-50 watt 100 watt 200 watt solar street light